Accepting Contactless Payments on Your Smartphone: Your Options in the UK

How Do You Accept Contactless Payments on Your Phone Without an External Card Reader?

You might have seen articles about using your phone’s mobile wallet to pay, but what if you want to accept payments? That’s called Tap on Phone or “SoftPOS.” This means using your smartphone as a payment terminal to accept cards from others.

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What is SoftPOS?

SoftPOS (Software Point of Sale) is an app that turns your phone into a payment terminal. If your phone has near-field communication (NFC) technology, you can accept payments from NFC cards. Most phones with Google Pay (Android) or Apple Wallet (iPhone) have NFC.

Tap-on-Phone Apps in the UK

Here are some Tap on Phone apps available in the UK:

Solution Device Cost
Square Tap to Pay Android, iPhone 1.75% per transaction
SumUp Tap Android, iPhone 1.69% per transaction
Revolut Tap to Pay iPhone 0.8% or 2.6% + 2p
Zettle Tap to Pay Android, iPhone 1.75% per transaction
Dojo Tap to Pay iPhone 1.4%-1.8% + 5p
Tyl by NatWest Android, iPhone From 1.5%
myPOS Glass Android, iPhone 1.6% + £0.07 per transaction
Worldline Tap on Mobile Android, iPhone Custom
Viva Wallet Android, iPhone From 1.69%
Stripe Tap to Pay Android, iPhone Variable rates
Adyen Tap to Pay iPhone Variable rates

Detailed Overview of Individual Solutions

  • Square Tap to Pay: Works on most NFC-enabled Android phones and iPhone XS and newer models. Each transaction costs 1.75%.
  • SumUp Tap: Available for both Android and iPhone, with a transaction fee of 1.69%.
  • Zettle Tap to Pay: Works with NFC-enabled devices through the Zettle Go app, with a transaction fee of 1.75%.
  • Revolut Tap to Pay: Only for iPhone. Requires a Revolut Business plan, with fees starting at 0.8% + £0.02.
  • Dojo Tap to Pay: Available for iPhone users with a Dojo PAX card terminal, with fees ranging from 1.4%-1.8% + 5p.
  • Tyl by NatWest: For existing NatWest customers. Transaction rates start at 1.5%.
  • myPOS Glass: Available for both Android and iPhone, with different plans and fees.
  • Worldline Tap on Mobile: Custom costs and available for both Android and iPhone.
  • Viva Wallet: Offers a Viva Terminal App with fees starting at 1.69%.
  • Stripe and Adyen: Require custom integration, with variable rates.

Other Ways to Accept Cards with Your Phone

  • QR Codes: Customers scan a QR code generated by the app.
  • Keyed Entry/Virtual Terminal: Manually enter card details.
  • Payment Links/Pay-by-Link: Send a payment URL to customers.
  • Card Image Capture: Take a picture of the card for processing (less common now).

Using a card reader connected to your phone is still a reliable option if you prefer a more familiar method.

Ready to make your business more flexible and efficient? Choose a Tap on Phone solution that suits your needs and start accepting contactless payments today! Download one of the recommended apps, and take your business to the next level. Don’t miss out on the convenience and efficiency of mobile payments—get started now!