Elavon Review: Good for Big Companies, Maybe Not for Small Ones

Elavon rents out card machines to businesses. But are they good for small businesses? Let’s find out by looking at what Elavon offers and what might be better for small shops in the UK.


Elavon is a big company that helps businesses take card payments. They rent and lease card machines in the UK. But their costs and contracts might be too much for small businesses.


  • Good card machines
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online tools to manage transactions
  • Online payment options
  • Next-day payouts


  • Long contracts with high fees if you leave early
  • Prices are not clear
  • Some users say customer support is not great

Best for:

  • Businesses that need a full card payment setup and have lots of sales.

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What is Elavon?

Elavon is a big company that helps businesses take card payments. They offer card machines, online payment gateways, phone payments, and merchant accounts. They help businesses of all sizes.

Our Opinion: Better for Big Businesses

Elavon has good card machines and services, but their costs might be too high for small businesses. The contract terms can also be confusing and may not be the best for small shops.

Emily Sorensen, Senior Editor at MobileTransaction, says, “For a small business, Elavon is not the easiest to deal with compared to businesses transacting for over £1-£2 million annually.”

Card Machine Selection

Elavon’s card machines are reliable but a bit old-fashioned. They use Poynt and Ingenico machines with push-buttons, which are good but lack the new features of modern machines.

Pricing and Contracts

Elavon does not show their prices on their website. You find out the costs after you ask them. Monthly rental fees for card machines are between £15 to £40, with extra costs for transactions and early leaving.

Online Payments

Elavon also has online payment solutions called Opayo. They include an online payment gateway, phone payments, email invoices, and recurring payments. Pricing plans vary.

Customer Support

Elavon offers 24/7 support, but some users say it is slow and not helpful for small businesses. Despite this, Elavon is popular with big businesses that need a lot of payment processing.


Elavon has good card machines and payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. But their prices and contracts might be better for big companies with lots of sales. Small businesses should think carefully before choosing Elavon.

Are you thinking about getting a card machine for your business? Look at the pros and cons and decide if Elavon is right for you. If you’re a small business, make sure it fits your needs. Contact Elavon today to learn more and see how they can help your business grow!