iZettle Pro Review: A Robust Hospitality EPOS for the Budget-Conscious

A Reliable EPOS Choice for Food, Drink, and Hospitality with 1.25% Card Fee via iZettle Reader 

iZettle Pro, previously known as Intelligentpos, is a straightforward, cost-effective EPOS application designed for iPads. Its cloud-based system ensures an easy setup, typically requiring no technical assistance. However, should you need help, their UK-based support team is available daily. 


  • Clean, intuitive interface 
  • Solid hardware support and card reader integration 
  • Detailed reporting capabilities 
  • Low transaction fee with iZettle Reader 


  • Increased cost with multiple iPads 
  • Not as comprehensive as other restaurant EPOS systems 
  • No pre-made gift cards available 

Ideal For: Businesses seeking a dependable, budget-friendly EPOS system without long-term contracts. 

Note: iZettle Pro is no longer available to new customers and has been replaced by iZettle Food & Drink, which is also discontinued. Compare alternative food and drink POS systems here. 

Pricing: Simple and Transparent 

iZettle’s pricing is straightforward: £39 + VAT per iPad per month. Multiple checkouts mean multiple iPads, and thus, multiple licenses. 

While reasonable for the features offered, costs can add up with multiple iPads. A free trial is available, which can be cancelled before it ends or continued as a paid subscription. There is no long-term contract, allowing cancellation at any time without penalties, though previously paid subscription fees are non-refundable. 

Software Pricing: 

  • Each iPad licence: £39 + VAT/month 
  • 7-day/week tech support included 

Hardware Pricing: 

  • Hardware bundles: From £450 + VAT 
  • Pro half-day installation: £210 + VAT 
  • Most users find self-installation straightforward 

iZettle Pro integrates with the iZettle Reader, charging 1.25% per card transaction for Pro subscribers, including premium cards such as American Express, UnionPay, JCB, and Diners Club. 

Target Audience 

iZettle Pro is tailored for hospitality and food and drink businesses, including hotels, B&Bs, gyms, spas, beauty salons, campsites, transportation services, full-service restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, bars, takeaways, food trucks, and mobile cafés. 

While suitable for many quick-service places like small cafés, more complex restaurant operations may find it lacking. Retailers might consider iZettle Go or other POS systems, as iZettle Pro’s features are mainly geared towards the food sector. Despite this, it can still be adapted for retail through its app settings, though this is not recommended long-term. 

Offline Capabilities 

Previously, Intelligentpos allowed offline functionality, maintaining most app features until reconnection. iZettle Pro retains this offline support, but a WiFi or data connection is required for full functionality, including card payments. 

Testing on a train journey from London to Edinburgh showed the app’s resilience to fluctuating connection speeds, with no interruptions to order and settings management, although card payments require network connectivity. 

Unlike other POS providers that require an on-premise backup server for offline capabilities, iZettle Pro is a cost-effective option for businesses with unstable network connections. 

User Experience: Simple, Familiar Layouts 

iZettle Pro operates solely on iPads, which can be a plus or minus depending on your tech preference. The app runs smoothly, likely due to its minimal reliance on a constant WiFi connection. 

The main ’till menu’ page, where most sales operations occur, features colour-coded and neatly organised products. However, it lacks the option to add images to products and categories. 

The right side of the screen displays products within a selected category, while the left side is for order management. The hidden app menu, accessible via the cog link, allows for product and category edits, user management, and permission settings. 

Features: Relevant and Adequate 

iZettle Pro offers essential features for restaurant POS systems, with some extras for food establishments with advanced needs. 

  • Sit-in/Take-out Orders: Easily switch between dine-in and takeaway options. 
  • Table Management: Create a virtual table layout to track orders, merge tables, or split bills. A tutorial for new users would enhance usability. 
  • Loyalty and Gift Cards: Set loyalty points and manage gift cards, although physical gift cards are not pre-bundled. 
  • Promotions: Customise discounts by percentage or value, applicable to products or categories. 
  • Time-Keeping: Record and export employee hours for payroll. 
  • Training Mode: Allows new staff to practice without affecting sales records. 
  • Stock Management: Manage inventory and supplier information from the back office. 

Card Payments: iZettle Reader 

iZettle Pro integrates seamlessly with the iZettle Reader, offering one of the UK’s top card readers in terms of ease and affordability. With no fixed monthly or hidden fees, and a 1.25% transaction fee for Pro users, it supports a wide range of cards, including contactless payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

Hardware Compatibility 

iZettle Pro supports various hardware bundles, including receipt printers and portable printers, making it suitable for both stationary and mobile sales. Bundles are cost-effective compared to individual purchases, and existing compatible hardware can be integrated into customised packages. 

Reporting: Dynamic and Detailed 

In-app live data provides an overview of daily sales, but detailed reports are accessed via an internet browser. The back office dashboard offers extensive customisation for tax categorisation, revenue tracking, sales and stock management. Integration with Xero enhances advanced bookkeeping capabilities. 

Customer Support: Convenient and Comprehensive 

iZettle Pro offers 7-day-a-week support via phone, live chat, email, and online tickets, with live chat integrated directly within the app. Additionally, iZettle Pro provides on-site hardware installation services, though these come at an extra cost. 


iZettle Pro, while not as feature-rich as other restaurant POS systems, offers excellent value for small food and drink establishments needing a reliable solution with room for future expansion. Its budget-friendly features, offline capabilities, and comprehensive customer support make it a strong contender for businesses prioritising cost-efficiency and ease of use. 


  • Great value for budget-conscious users 
  • Can work offline without a costly local server 
  • Daily customer support available 
  • In-depth reporting 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Additional iPads increase costs 
  • Limited in-app reports 
  • Basic table management functions 
  • Unable to add images to products