Takepayments Virtual Terminal Review: How It Helps with Phone Payments

Takepayments Virtual Terminal is a tool for businesses to take payments over the phone. It’s good for big transactions but might not be the best for small ones, especially if you’re always on the go. Let’s see what it offers.

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Takepayments Virtual Terminal, previously known as Payzone, offers various payment solutions like card machines, payment links, ecommerce tools, and a virtual terminal for Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) payments. Transactions go through Barclaycard Business, a reliable payment processor.

Key Features

  • Smooth Payment Process: Easy to use on desktop but not great for mobile.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Works with GBP, USD, and EUR.
  • Competitive Fees: Custom fees with some free transactions included.
  • Preauthorisations and Refunds: Useful tools for holding and refunding payments.
  • Quick Payouts: Money goes to your bank account in two days.

User Interface

The virtual terminal works through a web browser. It looks a bit old and can be hard to read if you have poor eyesight. It’s best used on a computer because it’s not very mobile-friendly.

Payment Process

To take a payment, you enter the amount, currency, transaction type, and order ID. You also need the customer’s name, card number, expiry date, and CV2 code. The system is flexible and lets you fix mistakes in billing addresses or CV2 codes if needed.

Fees and Contracts

The cost depends on your business size, card turnover, and transaction value. There’s a 12-month contract with a monthly or yearly fee. No setup fee, but if you cancel early, there’s a fee. The plan includes a set number of free transactions each month, and extra ones have a fee.

Best Suited For

Takepayments Virtual Terminal is great for businesses that often take phone payments with high transaction amounts. It’s ideal for beauticians, car dealerships, retailers, antique dealers, restaurants, hotels, and other professional services. It’s also good for businesses with subscription services.


  • Small Transactions: Not ideal for small transactions like those in cafes or off-licences due to higher fees.
  • Mobile Use: Not optimized for mobile devices, which can be a problem for businesses on the move.

Getting Started

To start, fill out an online form on their website. You’ll get a call from a sales rep. Read the contract carefully before signing. You might need to complete PCI-DSS documents, and Takepayments can help with that.

Customer Service

Takepayments offers support during office hours, seven days a week. While the interface might be tricky, customer support and a user guide are there to help.


Takepayments Virtual Terminal is reliable for phone payments. It includes necessary features like preauthorisations, refunds, and transaction history. But it doesn’t integrate with other software and isn’t mobile-friendly. Still, it’s a cost-effective option for businesses needing regular phone payments.

Need a reliable way to take payments over the phone? Try Takepayments Virtual Terminal! It’s perfect for businesses with big transactions and remote payment needs. Start now by filling out the form on their website and see how Takepayments can help your business grow.