The Complete Guide to Receipt Printers Compatible with Zettle

Giving customers a receipt is a good practice even though it’s not legally required in the UK. Receipts can serve as proof of purchase and help resolve any issues with the product or service. Zettle, formerly iZettle, lets you email or text receipts, but many customers still prefer a printed copy.

If you use Zettle for your business, there are several receipt printers that work well with it. Most of these printers are made by Star Micronics, a company known for small printers and POS systems.

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Types of Printer Connections

Before choosing a printer, it’s important to know about the different connection types:

  • Bluetooth: Connects wirelessly with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.
  • LAN/Ethernet Cable: Connects to a router via an Ethernet cable, linking the printer to your device through WiFi.
  • USB/Lightning Cable: Connects the printer to an iPad or iPhone using a Lightning cable (not compatible with Android devices).

Zettle Terminal Printer

For a mobile solution, consider the Zettle Terminal with an optional Printer & Dock. This combo lets you print receipts on the go, with the terminal and printer working seamlessly together.

Compatible Stationary Printers

For stationary setups, Zettle works with several printers:

  • Epson TM-M30III (WiFi)
  • Star mC-Print 3
  • Star mC-Print 2
  • Star TSP143iv (LAN)

These printers stay on the counter while you use the card machine independently.

Mobile Printers

  • Star Micronics SM-L200: This Bluetooth printer can print graphics and barcodes, making it versatile for different businesses. It’s also approved for use by licensed cab drivers in London.
  • Epson TM-P20II: This modern, sturdy mobile printer is dust- and water-resistant, suitable for various environments.

Small Desktop Printers

  • Star Micronics mC-Print2: The smallest desktop receipt printer compatible with Zettle. It offers high-quality printing and connects via Bluetooth, Ethernet, or Lightning cable.
  • Star Micronics mC-Print3: Slightly larger and splash-proof, it provides high-speed printing and connects via Bluetooth, LAN, USB, or Lightning cable.

Popular Printers

  • Star TSP143III/TSP143iv: Part of the bestselling TSP100 series, these printers offer easy setup with Bluetooth, LAN, or Lightning cable connectivity and can print up to 43 receipts per minute.
  • Epson TM-M30III: A cube-shaped, splash-proof printer that connects via LAN, Bluetooth, USB, or Lightning, ideal for small spaces.
  • Star mPOP: Combines a Bluetooth printer and cash drawer, offering a compact solution for small spaces. It’s affordable and streamlines the checkout process.

AirPrint Compatibility for iOS

For iOS users, any printer that supports AirPrint can be used with Zettle. AirPrint lets you print without installing drivers, providing a quick and seamless experience.


Choosing the right receipt printer for your Zettle setup depends on your business needs. Whether you need a mobile or stationary printer, make sure it’s compatible with Zettle for a smooth and efficient checkout process.

Ready to improve your checkout process with the perfect receipt printer for your Zettle system? Explore the options mentioned above and choose the one that fits your business needs. Make your customers happy with quick and reliable receipt printing. Get started today!