Understanding EPOS: The Essential Guide

What is EPOS?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point Of Sale. It’s a system used in shops and stores to help with face-to-face payment processing. You might also see it written as EPoS or ePOS. But how is EPOS different from POS?

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EPOS Meaning

EPOS means Electronic Point Of Sale. It includes all computer-based systems used to take payments, whether they are on a local computer or online (cloud-based). POS, or Point Of Sale, is a more general term that can mean any system used to take payments.

EPOS Systems

Today, many people just call these systems POS because they now often include cloud features. EPOS systems help take payments in person and sync sales, stock, and data in real-time across different devices.

Features of EPOS Systems

EPOS systems do more than just take payments. They help manage many parts of a store, like:

  • Accounting: Keeping track of money
  • Analytics: Understanding sales data
  • Inventory Management: Knowing what’s in stock
  • Payment Processing: Taking card and cash payments
  • Staff Management: Keeping track of employee shifts
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Rewarding repeat customers

The Evolution from POS to EPOS

POS systems started as simple cash registers. Over time, they became more advanced, with computers and touchscreens. EPOS was the term used to show these new electronic systems were different from old cash registers.

Integrated Features and Data Processing

EPOS systems combine hardware and software to make data processing easy. For example, when you take a card payment, the system saves all the details, like what was bought and who sold it. This helps with later reviews and understanding sales patterns.

The Future of EPOS: SaaS

Most modern POS systems are actually EPOS systems. Many companies now call them POS instead of EPOS. The future of EPOS is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means businesses pay for a subscription to keep their software updated and maintained in the cloud.


EPOS systems are important for running a store smoothly. They help with taking payments, managing stock, and keeping track of sales data.

Want to make your store run smoother? Try an EPOS system today! It can help you take payments, manage stock, and understand your sales better. Get started now and see the difference it makes for your business!