The iZettle Black Cab Bundle: A Premier Choice for Card Acceptance?

With the Transport for London (TfL) mandate requiring all black cabs to facilitate card and contactless payments from October 2016, London’s taxi drivers face a new challenge. While some may view this change with reluctance, the transition to compliance can be achieved with minimal cost and hassle. This article explores how drivers can meet these new requirements effectively.

To comply with TfL’s mandate, drivers must equip their cabs with a chip & PIN and contactless card terminal in the passenger area and a receipt printer in the driver’s compartment. Since drivers can no longer transfer the cost of card transactions to passengers, securing a payment provider with competitive rates becomes paramount.

iZettle, a well-regarded mobile payment service provider in Europe, has stepped forward with a tailored solution for London’s black cabs. Unlike traditional mobile terminals that rely on GPRS, iZettle’s system utilizes smartphone app technology alongside a card reader, leveraging the phone’s processing power to reduce hardware costs.

Please note: The iZettle Black Cab bundle has been discontinued. For current offerings, refer to our comparison of card machine options for taxi drivers.

What Does the iZettle Black Cab Bundle Include?

The iZettle package comes with everything a cab driver needs to comply with TfL’s regulations:

  • iZettle Card Reader Pro Contactless
  • Star SM-L200 Bluetooth Receipt Printer
  • Card reader mount
  • Power converter and a box of 20 receipt rolls

Priced at £289 + VAT, the bundle offers significant savings over purchasing the components separately, which would total around £370 + VAT through iZettle.

Additional Information for Existing iZettle Users

Drivers already using iZettle with an iZettle Lite card reader will need to upgrade to the Card Reader Pro Contactless. It’s also possible to purchase the bundle without the card reader for those who already own a contactless model, at a cost of £249 + VAT.

Understanding iZettle’s Transaction Fees

Under the mandate, tipping is restricted to cash, and fares must remain consistent across payment methods. This stipulation poses a challenge for drivers, who must absorb the cost of card transactions without the option to seek compensation through fare adjustments or tips for card payments.

iZettle offers a pay-as-you-go plan, which includes the bundle without an upfront cost in exchange for a higher transaction fee of 3.90% for the first 12 months. This plan ensures drivers are equipped with the necessary tools while managing the financial implications of the new mandate.

iZettle’s service includes:

  • No monthly fees
  • No contractual minimum term
  • A fixed 1.75% transaction fee for all card payments
  • No charges for refunds or international cards

Beyond Payments: Additional Features

iZettle’s technology extends beyond payment processing. The mandatory receipt printer offers the flexibility to issue receipts via email or text, conserving paper. The system also includes cloud-based software for preprogramming fixed-price journeys, facilitating easy fare management for drivers.

The iZettle dashboard provides detailed reporting, assisting drivers in business management and simplifying accounting processes. Additionally, multiple drivers can share a single card reader and printer setup, each using their iZettle account for transaction management.

Potential Limitations

While iZettle supports most modern smartphones, its dependence on 3G or higher connectivity may pose challenges in areas with inconsistent network coverage. However, in Greater London, connectivity is generally reliable.


iZettle’s response to the TfL mandate with its Black Cab Bundle presents an appealing solution for London taxi drivers. Offering a cost-effective, comprehensive package with competitive transaction fees and additional operational features, iZettle is well-positioned to support London’s iconic black cabs as they adapt to the evolving demands of urban transportation.

FAQ: iZettle Black Cab Bundle

Q1: What is the iZettle Black Cab Bundle?

A1: The iZettle Black Cab Bundle is a comprehensive package designed to help London black cab drivers comply with the Transport for London (TfL) mandate requiring card and contactless payment options in cabs. The bundle includes an iZettle Card Reader Pro Contactless, a Bluetooth receipt printer, a card reader mount, a power converter, and receipt rolls.

Q2: Why do I need the iZettle Black Cab Bundle?

A2: To comply with TfL regulations that came into effect in October 2016, all black cabs in London must be equipped to accept chip & PIN and contactless payments. The iZettle Black Cab Bundle provides all necessary hardware in one package, ensuring compliance and convenience.

Q3: How much does the iZettle Black Cab Bundle cost?

A3: The bundle is priced at £289 + VAT, offering significant savings compared to purchasing each item separately, which would cost around £370 + VAT through iZettle.

Q4: Can I use my existing iZettle Lite card reader with the new bundle?

A4: Drivers who already use iZettle and have an iZettle Lite card reader will need to upgrade to the Card Reader Pro Contactless to meet TfL’s requirements. However, a discounted bundle excluding the card reader is available for £249 + VAT for those who already own a compatible contactless reader.

Q5: What are the transaction fees with iZettle?

A5: iZettle charges a fixed transaction fee of 1.75% for all card payments. There are no monthly fees, no minimum contract term, and no additional charges for refunds or cards issued abroad.

Q6: What additional features does iZettle offer?

A6: Beyond payment processing, iZettle includes cloud-based software for managing fares and trips, email or text receipt options, and comprehensive data reporting through an online dashboard. These features assist with business management and accounting.

Q7: Can multiple drivers use the same iZettle equipment?

A7: Yes, the equipment can be shared among multiple drivers. Each driver can install the app on their smartphone or tablet and link their iZettle account to the hardware for seamless transaction management.

Q8: What if my phone is incompatible with iZettle or I experience connectivity issues?

A8: iZettle is compatible with most modern smartphones. However, if you encounter connectivity issues or incompatibility, iZettle offers a refund for the bundle. Ensure your network provider offers reliable 3G or 4G coverage in London to avoid issues.

Q9: Has the iZettle Black Cab Bundle been discontinued?

A9: The article notes that the bundle has been discontinued. For the latest card machine options for taxi drivers, it’s recommended to refer to updated comparisons and offerings tailored to meet current demands and regulations.

Q10: How does the pay-as-you-go plan work?

A10: iZettle offers a pay-as-you-go option where the bundle is provided without an upfront cost in exchange for a transaction fee of 3.90% for the first 12 months. If the bundle cost is not covered within this period, iZettle will invoice the remaining amount. If overpayments occur, the surplus will be refunded.